Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Regarding Death Of Nicholas Linton

In the August 29, 2011 blog post (“Motorcyclist Killed On I-88, Cause Of Accident In Dispute“) the August 26, 2011 fatal motorcycle accident involving Nicholas Linton was summarized.

The February 2, 2013 Daily Herald article, titled “Trooper sued over fatal I-88 crash near Naperville” discusses a wrongful death lawsuit that has been filed by Nicholas Linton’s wife.

Details of the lawsuit are limited.  However, according to the Daily Herald article, the lawsuit blames the Illinois State Police officer for the accident.

An excerpt from the article:

The suit accuses Illinois State Police Master Sgt. David Schneider of causing the Aug. 26, 2011, crash on I-88 that killed 29-year-old Nicholas Linton.


The lawsuit accuses Schneider of following too closely, driving negligently and speeding. It says he failed to slow down or activate his siren and emergency lights.

The article provides details on the original accident as well as previous statements made by the Illinois State Police concerning the accident.

The case is due in court April 29.


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