Road Hazards – Tires And Wheels

In the page titled “Motorcycle Loss Of Control Accidents,” numerous factors that may lead to the loss of control of a motorcycle are discussed.

Of course, because of the inherent nature (i.e. two wheels) of motorcycles, they are often susceptible to instability, especially if an unexpected event happens that forces the motorcyclist to suddenly react, or otherwise causes the motorcyclist to lose control.  Such loss of control often leads to serious – if not fatal – motorcycle accidents, as is seen in many crashes discussed in this site.

While there are many unexpected road hazards that can potentially imperil the motorcyclist, one such danger is items that have just fallen off of other vehicles.  These can include such things as tire treads that have fallen off of trucks; metal that has fallen off of trucks; loose cargo that has fallen from trucks and cars;  and other items, such as mud flaps, that may be sitting on the roadway and are “kicked up” by other vehicles and “go airborne.”

Another potential road hazard is that from “flying tires” – tires or wheels that have come off of other vehicles.  These “projectile tires” and wheel separations do happen, and have caused accidents, some fatal.  An example of a Chicago-area fatal accident involving such a wheel separation is seen in the July 2014 post titled “Driver Killed On Bishop Ford Freeway After SUV Wheel Hits Windshield.”

While it may seem as if these types of accidents rarely happen, a November 3 article (with video) titled “Freak flying tire accidents slipping under the radar” discusses how such accidents may be happening far more commonly than one may suspect.  As well, the article and video discusses reasons for such “flying tires” and wheel separations.

An excerpt from the article:

“The incidence of wheel separation is actually very under reported,” says Mark Bailey, an engineer with MEA Forensic. “The best estimates are probably at least 50,000 times a year in North America wheels will fall off vehicles.”

The video also shows an actual incident in which a tire hits a windshield, and the speed at which such a tire can travel is mentioned.

Should you be injured in an Illinois motorcycle accident that is not your fault, there are numerous steps you should take to protect both your health as well as your legal rights.  You should take these steps to help you maximize your accident injury compensation.

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