Road Hazards – Deer

Because of the inherent nature of motorcycles, they often can be more susceptible than a car to instability.  As such, loss of control issues that can lead to an accident often happen if a collision occurs.  As well, because motorcyclists do not have a structure surrounding the vehicle, as does a car, motorcycle accidents are often severe.

Given these dynamics, motorcyclists are vulnerable to a range of factors that may cause accidents, including unexpected road hazards.  While there are many types of road hazards that can be of concern to motorcyclists – ranging from potholes to water on the pavement – one type of road hazard that has proven to be the source of many accidents is unexpected items on the roadway.

Many of these unexpected items have fallen off of other vehicles.   As seen in the September 13, 2011 post titled “Motorist Injured As He Hits Urinal On Edens Expressway…,” one such unusual item was a urinal.  While the motorcyclist in that accident was injured, fortunately the accident was not a fatal one.

Another unexpected road hazard for motorcyclists is that of deer.  While this danger is not one that causes a large number of accidents, as seen in various posts, Illinois motorcycle accidents involving deer do happen, and some have proven fatal.  Deer present hazards as their movements are often sudden and unpredictable in nature.

Recently, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) issued a news release regarding deer on the roadway.  The October 14, 2015 news release is titled “Be Alert for Deer on Illinois Roads.

An excerpt:

The Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and Illinois State Police today reminded motorists that this is the time of year to be on high alert for deer on Illinois roads.


On average, nearly half of all crashes involving deer in Illinois happen in October, November, and December. Approximately 80 percent of crashes involving deer happen on rural roads at twilight or nighttime.

With regarding tips to avoid accidents, the release offers the following suggestions:

Tips for avoiding collisions with deer:

• Reduce your speed near water, farm fields, and wooded areas; be prepared to stop.
• Deer will often cross roads and double back; make sure deer have moved away from the road before proceeding.
• If you see one deer, be aware that others may be close behind.
• Alert other motorists to the presence of deer by tapping your brakes.
• Don’t swerve into traffic or off the road if you see a deer; instead, slow to a stop.

The release also offers suggestions regarding what to do if one is in a collision with deer.

Another source of information is that of the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, which also offered tips for avoiding collisions with deer.  Information was summarized in a November 2011 post titled “Elevated Risk Of Deer-Vehicle Collisions In Autumn.”

Should you be injured in an Illinois motorcycle accident, there are a variety of steps you should take to protect both your health and your legal rights – including your rights to attain compensation for any accident injuries and any other harm that has occurred due to the accident.

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