Reasons For Illinois Motorcycle Accident Injuries And Fatalities

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Riding motorcycles is popular in Illinois for a variety of reasons.  However, due to many factors, riding a motorcycle often entails risks.  As seen in various Illinois motorcycle accident statistics, the level of fatal motorcycle accidents remains at historically high levels; as well, there are far more motorcycle accidents which involve non-fatal accident injuries.  As further discussed below, many of these non-fatal injuries can be very serious in nature and lead to a range of permanent accident injuries and various types of temporary and permanent physical and mental impairments.

Party At Fault In Illinois Motorcycle Accidents

Generally speaking, there are two reasons for motorcycle accidents.  Motorcycle accidents can be caused by the actions of the motorcyclist (i.e. the motorcyclist was at fault in the accident) or the motorcycle accident can be the fault of another party, such as a motorist who is driving negligently.  In certain instances the accident can be caused by such things as road hazards, such as cargo that falls off of another vehicle and causes the motorcyclist to crash, or high standing water on the roadway.

Reasons For Illinois Motorcycle Accidents

There are a broad range of reasons for Illinois motorcycle accidents.  On this site, many Illinois motorcycle accidents have been summarized.  Among these crashes include fatal Illinois motorcycle accidents.

Among common reasons for Illinois motorcycle accidents include:

Motorcycle accidents that occur when a motorist makes a left-hand turn immediately in front of an oncoming motorcycle, thereby causing a collision with the motorcycle rider.

This cause remains a very common accident cause.  Due to many reasons, such collisions are often highly physically traumatic to the motorcyclist (and, if applicable) passenger.  This type of collision usually results in serious accident injuries for the motorcyclist;  many of these accident injuries result in an immediate fatality, i.e. the motorcyclist dies at the accident scene.  One example of this type of crash is a July 10, 2018 Lake County motorcycle accident summarized in the “Newport Township Motorcycle Accident Leads To Death Of Motorcyclist” post.

Motorcycle accidents that occur when a vehicle crosses the center line, thereby causing a collision with an oncoming motorcycle.

This is another reason for serious motorcycle collisions.  Often, these accidents are “head-on collisions” which are highly forceful in nature.  As further discussed on the “‘Head-On Collisions’ Involving Motorcyclists” page, as a result of these accidents the motorcyclist is often seriously injured, and often such injuries result in the motorcyclist being pronounced dead at the accident scene.  An example of this type of accident was seen in a July 8, 2018 Southern Illinois incident that was summarized in the “‘Head-On Collision’ Involving Car And Motorcycle Leads To Fatality” post.

Wrecks Caused By A Loss Of Motorcycle Control

One common type of collision, which often results in a fatal accident, is when a rider loses control of the motorcycle and crashes.  This type of incident is common, and has been especially prominent in 2018.  The “Motorcycle Loss Of Control Accidents” page discusses the various reasons as to why these losses of control can occur.  One example involving fatal injuries is seen in a July 5, 2018 fatal Aurora crash summarized in the “Motorcycle Loss Of Control Crash In Aurora Leads To Fatality.”

Crashes That Occur When A Motorcyclist Rides After Drinking

One leading cause of motorcycle accidents continues to be drunk motorcyclists who crash their bikes.  This has been a long-term (i.e. decades) leading accident cause.  Due to the skills and balance needed to safely ride a motorcycle, motorcyclists who are inebriated place themselves at a high risk of crashing.  Various aspects of riding a motorcycle after drinking, including statistics, are further discussed on the “Illinois Motorcycle Riding After Drinking” page.

Crashes Due To Speeding And Other Risky Riding Behaviors

Many motorcycles have the ability to quickly accelerate and reach high speeds, often well over 100 mph.  Some motorcyclists who use this available speed and power at some point lose control and crash.  Speeding is just one of many behaviors that can be considered to be “high-risk.”  Other aspects of speeding, as well as the other “high-risk” behaviors, are further discussed on the “High-Risk Motorcyclist Actions” page.

“Drugged Drivers” And Drunk Drivers

Many motorcycle collisions with other vehicles happen when another motorist “fails to see” a motorcycle, and collides with the motorcycle.  This “failure to see” a motorcycle is more likely to occur if the motorist is impaired by drugs (i.e. a “drugged driver”) or impaired by alcohol (i.e. a “drunk driver.”)  Of course, the danger of these impaired motorists depends upon the level and type of their impairment.  The subject of impaired motorists, and the danger they pose to motorcyclists, is further discussed on the “The Danger To Motorcyclists Presented By Drugged Drivers” page.

Road Hazards

Due to the fact that motorcyclists have to maintain balance in order to safety ride a motorcycle, any factor that causes the motorcycle to become imbalanced can quickly lead to a crash.  Road hazards have caused, or contributed to, many serious motorcycle accidents, including fatal crashes.

Road hazards can take many forms, and are often unexpected.  Many types of road hazards suddenly appear.  An example of one type of road hazard is a large pothole or other type of road deformity.  Another type of road hazard is debris that is sitting on the roadway or highway, and creates motorcycle instability if it is hit or run over by the motorcycle.  Another type of hazard – one that has led to various crashes and fatalities – is when a deer suddenly runs in front of an oncoming motorcycle.  This may lead to the motorcyclist losing control if the bike hits the deer, or if the motorcyclist suddenly swerves to avoid hitting the deer.  Discussion of the danger that deer present to motorcyclists – and safety tips – is further discussed on the “Road Hazards – Deer” page.

Mechanical Failures And Improper Maintenance

Mechanical failures on motorcycles, as well as riding motorcycles that need maintenance, can lead to a crash.  As discussed on the “Mechanical Problems On Motorcycles” page, one of the causes of motorcycle crashes is when a tire blowout occurs.  While these tire blowouts can occur due to various reasons, a tire is more vulnerable to failing in this manner if it is overly worn and/or is underinflated.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident that causes injuries, there are a number of actions that should be taken.  Generally speaking, these actions address both medical and legal issues.

From a medical perspective, it is imperative that all injuries are promptly and properly identified and treated.  There are a broad range of serious injuries that can occur.  These injuries can include broken bones, bleeding, injuries to the back, spinal cord injuries / paralysis, and various types of brain injuries.

Due to the broad range of complex accident injuries that can occur, as well as the difficulty in knowing what injuries have occurred, it is recommended that a thorough medical exam is conducted to identify and properly treat any and all accident injuries.  The reasons for such a thorough medical exam is further discussed on the “Reasons For Getting A Medical Exam After A Motorcycle Accident” page.

Legal issues, including getting compensated for injuries if the accident was not your fault, are another key issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.  In order to best protect your legal rights, it is highly recommended that as soon as possible after the motorcycle accident you speak with a qualified and experienced Illinois personal injury lawyer.  The lawyer can tell you what steps you should take – and what to avoid doing – in order to protect your legal rights and to maximize the potential injury compensation for your accident injuries and other harm that occurred.  The lawyer can tell you if a personal injury lawsuit should be pursued, and if so how much your case may be worth.  For fatal motorcycle accidents, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by relevant parties.

Potential compensation for non-fatal accident injuries varies depending on many different factors, including the types of accident injuries as well as their severity and degree of permanence.  Various types of potential compensation exist.  The injured motorcyclist or passenger may be able to attain various types of compensation including that for past and future medical bills; past and future lost wages; loss of consortium; pain and suffering; rehabilitation costs; out-of-pocket expenses; and loss of function.  For many injured motorcyclists, there is a great need for injury compensation, as medical costs can be substantial.  If needed, ongoing medical treatment and lost wages can present formidable financial challenges.  For this reason, injured motorcyclists often seek the legal counsel of a proven injury lawyer.

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