Newly Proposed Illinois License Requirements For Large Motorcycles

Today (July 28, 2014) the Chicago Tribune published an article (with video) titled “Illinois considers new license requirements for big motorcycles.”  The article discusses a proposed idea of having a new motorcycle license class for “larger bikes,” possibly defined as bikes with engines larger than 600cc.   According to proponents of the new proposal, such new requirements would bolster motorcycle rider safety concerning the operation of these larger motorcycles.

An excerpt from the article:

The proposal comes as motorcycle fatalities in Illinois have hovered near historic high levels for the past three years, and rose slightly last year despite a rare nationwide decrease.

But as state lawmakers and biker groups continue to resist a mandatory helmet law — Illinois is among just three states without one — safety advocates and regulators are looking to other ways to reduce the death count.

The article also discusses a variety of motorcycle riding safety issues and statistics regarding Illinois motorcycle accidents, including those involving fatalities.

Additional details can be seen in the Chicago Tribune article mentioned above.


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