Motorcyclist In Rotaries and Roundabouts

With the increasing use of roundabouts in Illinois, a question arises as to what might be the experience of motorcyclists in roundabouts and rotaries.

A recent fatal motorcyclist accident in a rotary in Massachusetts, as seen in the August 11 CBS3 (WSHM) story “Springfield motorcyclist killed in rotary” contained some notable commentary from bikers concerning their experiences in rotaries.

A couple of excerpts from the story:

Some who ride say the rotaries aren’t safe places if you’re on two wheels.

“It’s harder because there are a lot of cars going around it,” says Springfield biker Andres Rivera. “You’re in a smaller vehicle and in their blind side pretty much.”

“There was a time when I almost got creamed in a rotary,” says Corey Pascuzzi, of Westfield.

“Motorcycles are dangerous and you really have to be aware,” says Longmeadow rider Jim O’Connell. “You have to drive defensively and you have to watch out for the other person.”


“I think rotaries are dangerous, even in a car,” he says. “On a motorcycle it’s especially (dangerous) because people in a car aren’t essentially looking for a small light, essentially one headlight. That’s all you’ve got and the sound of the bike.”

As the night on the road turned deadly for the unidentified Springfield rider, others say defensive riding could be their only saving grace.

“Especially on a rotary when you’re funneling in and you’ve got other cars that are funneling in. Most people, especially those who don’t ride motorcycles, aren’t really looking for you and they cut you off even if they don’t mean to,” says O’Connell.