Motorcycle Loss Of Control As An Accident Cause

Many different factors can pose risks to Illinois motorcyclists.  On this site, many motorcycle accident statistics are cited – both for Illinois as well as nationally – and various motorcycle rider safety issues are also discussed.

In the January 30, 2015 Bloomberg article titled “Motorcycle Control Loss Largest Crash Cause, Study Finds,” a study by insurer Progressive, as well as comments from the California Highway Patrol regarding motorcycle crashes, are featured.

An excerpt from the article:

Insurer Progressive Corp. found that single-vehicle mishaps accounted for more motorcycle-related claims last year than any other event, the company said in a report Thursday. Mayfield Village, Ohio-based Progressive said it processed 3.5 times more of such claims than for rear-end crashes, the next-most common motorcycle incident.

“Excess speed is the most common rider-related factor in fatal motorcycle accidents,” Steve Carapia, a California Highway Patrol public information officer, said in a phone interview. Motorcyclists who drive too fast can’t identify and react to obstacles in the road, he said.

The article also quotes Carapia with regard to another leading cause of motorcycle accidents, that of motorcyclists riding while intoxicated on alcohol or drugs.  On this site, the hazard of motorcycle riding after drinking is featured on the “Illinois Motorcycle Riding After Drinking” page, which discusses the hazards of riding after drinking and cites various statistics regarding Illinois motorcycle crashes involving alcohol consumption.


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