Illinois Motorcyclist Involved In Serious Accident Thanks Those Who Helped Him

A December 23 article in the Aurora Beacon-News, titled “Motorcyclist thanks neighbors who came to his aid after crash” recalls a serious motorcyclist accident in Aurora, Illinois and the benefits provided by bystanders.

The accident occurred on the night of June 18, when a motorcyclist, Don Pugh, was heading back from a ride and struck the back of a dump truck near his home.

His neighbors, Rick and Tracie Little, rushed to Pugh’s side when they heard the sound of the accident.  Although Pugh was a friend and neighbor, at the time of the accident they did not recognize him.

Excerpts from the article:

The crushed motorcyclist, as the couple would find out months later, was Don Pugh, a neighbor and family friend the Littles had known for years. Last week, after 41 days on a ventilator followed by months of recovery, Pugh stopped in at the home of Rick’s mother, bathed in the warm holiday glow of the Christmas tree, to thank the Littles for being good Samaritans.


Pugh remembers none of the accident, nor a couple weeks after. He sustained multiple injuries including brain trauma, a crushed rib cage and a collapsed lung. His right arm will require further surgery for bone growing in the elbow.

Initially, Pugh’s physicians had given him a 50-50 chance of survival. After Pugh emerged from an induced coma, doctors said recovery could take no less than eight months.

The article also states that Pugh is looking forward to be able to ride again.

Additional information and possible updates can be found in the above-mentioned Aurora Beacon-News article.


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