Illinois Motorcycle Rider Safety Campaign Announced

Today (April 1, 2014) the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) issued a news release titled “IDOT Joins Other Motorcycle Safety Advocates to Encourage Riders to ‘Gear Up – Ride Smart.'”

This news release discusses various steps motorcyclists can take to insure safe motorcycle operation.

A couple of notable excerpts include:

In an effort to reduce motorcycle fatalities and injuries, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association (IMDA) joined forces to kick off the 2014 riding season’s “Gear Up-Ride Smart” motorcycle safety campaign. As the riding season gets under way, IDOT and IMDA are urging cyclists to have their bikes safety-checked to make sure they are in proper running condition, check their high-visibility (Hi Viz) clothing and take advantage of the free motorcycle training classes throughout the state.

Motorcycles represent 3 percent of total vehicle registrations, yet motorcycle fatalities account for more than 15 percent of all vehicle fatalities. Statistics show that about half of motorcycle rider deaths occur in crashes involving only the motorcycle, and approximately 40 percent of those fatalities involve motorcycle operators who rode after drinking.


Terry Redman, IDOT Cycle Rider Safety Training Program Manager, reminds riders that warmer weather brings out more bikes and that the motoring public is not always used to sharing the road. Motorcycle fatalities increased from 148 in 2012 to 155 in 2013, according to provisional data. IDOT encourages all riders to make the right choices to include checking your bike before each ride, hydrating with water, evaluating your medical condition before and during the ride, never assuming you are seen by other motorists, using proper braking techniques, staying alert during the entire ride and using all appropriate and Hi Viz riding gear.

Additional details can be seen in the above-referenced news release.

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