Illinois Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

Illinois motorcycle accidents are frequently traumatic, and often involve negligent actions by other motorists.  As stated on the Illinois Motorcycle Accidents page:

Due to the vulnerability of a motorcyclist, as well as travel at significant speeds, many motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries, and accidents often result in death.  Motorcycle injuries often include chest trauma, broken bones, bleeding, injuries to the back, spinal cord injuries/paralysis, and various brain injuries and other head trauma.

For motorcycle accident injuries there are a variety of expenses that can be incurred. Perhaps chief among them are initial medical bills, ongoing medical costs, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and other expenses.  Cumulatively, these expenses can be (exceedingly) high.  As well, significant costs can be incurred in repairing or replacing a damaged motorcycle.

A recent Illinois motorcycle accident lawsuit serves as an example of a motorcycle accident that resulted in a lawsuit, including the types of claims such a lawsuit may contain.

The lawsuit, which was filed in St. Clair County Court on July 17, 2015, is discussed in the Madison Record article of August 5 titled “Injured motorcyclist alleges negligence in accident.”

As seen in the article, the motorcycle accident involved an accident on West Main Street near North 16th Street in Belleville, when a parked car allegedly pulled out in front a motorcycle, and a collision occurred.

An excerpt from the article concerning the claims seen in the suit:

The suit says the defendant failed to keep a proper lookout, negligently and carelessly failed to control her vehicle, thus striking the plaintiff’s motorcycle.

The plaintiff alleges severe and permanent injuries, physical pain, mental anguish, disability and disfigurement. The suit says Warnecke is unable to attend to his usual daily affairs and duties, has lost wages and suffered loss of future earning capacity. The plaintiff also alleges property damage to his motorcycle and ongoing past, present and future medical expenses.

Central to any potential lawsuit regarding motorcycle accident injuries is who is at fault for the accident, i.e. which party was negligent in its actions.

Many motorcycle accidents are the fault of the other party (usually a motorist), as seen in the Illinois crashes that have been summarized on this site.  As well, Illinois motorcycle accident statistics also support the general conclusion that many accidents are caused by negligent motorists.

However, as seen in both Illinois and national motorcycle accident statistics, there are many motorcycle accidents that are the fault of motorcyclists.  While there are numerous reasons that motorcyclists may crash, some of the main reasons include riding after drinking, other loss of control, and driving too fast or in an otherwise reckless manner.

Of course, determining “what really happened” and who is at fault for the accident isn’t necessarily readily apparent.  It is for this reason that accident investigators, as well as any witness statements, are important in determining accident causes.

Should you be injured in an Illinois accident, there are a variety of steps you should take to both protect your health and your legal rights, including your rights to monetary recovery for your accident injuries.  From a legal perspective, it is highly recommended that you speak with an Illinois personal injury lawyer soon after an accident.  You should take steps to protect your legal rights and to maximize your compensation for your accident injuries and other harm that may have resulted due to the accident.

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